April 2018

Have you ever noticed that sandwiches are always on the menu? From your small ma & pop diner alllllll the way to the gourmet restaurants? You can make them as simple, or as extravagant as you want.  This week, I decided to explore a couple of those levels!

Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

The day I realized that cookie cutters work on sandwiches was a game-changer for packed lunches! I use cookie cutters for a little extra surprise. It’s a fun, easy and pretty tasty weekend activity as well 😉

LEVEL TWO: Impressive
Tomato & Mozzarella Panini

If you don’t have a panini grill: they’re decently priced, easy to use, and sure do take your culinary skills up a notch! Assemble your sandwich as you normally would—maybe with a little extra mozzarella and spices—and then you use the panini grill to get a nice sear on the bread. For me, the best part about a panini grill is that I can make a restaurant-grade sandwich, but have better control over the ingredients.


LEVEL THREE: Out of My League
Open-Faced BruschettaIdeas Sandwiches with a Balsamic Drizzle 

Let me disclose that someone like me doesn’t have the attention span to turn out something like this without a few extra sear marks. These are the kind of sandwiches to impress your guests at a cocktail party. The seared bruschetta bread is topped with thinly sliced beets, herbs, and produce, that all comes together with a little melted cheese and a balsamic drizzle. Simple, elegant, and very photogenic!

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I’m sure you’ve heard that we’re putting a spotlight on rutabaga! Rutabaga isn’t everyone’s go-to produce, but it’s great to incorporate into a wide variety of dishes. It’s just as easy to prepare as potatoes, but lighter in calories and richer in vitamins and nutrients.

Health Benefits:

  • Low-Carb
  • High-Energy (Potassium & Manganese)
  • Metabolism Boost (Phosphorus)
  • Stress Combatant (Magnesium)
  • Levels Nervous System (Vitamin B6)
  • Great Supplement for Fiber, Thiamin, and Calcium

Because it’s a natural pick-me-up, this is a great item to include in your meal-prep for the week. Here are a couple ideas that will help you get it into your lunch box.

Dice into a Hearty Stew

You can never go wrong with comfort food! It’s filling, easy to pack into a heat-safe container, and tastes great all year long.

Pureed Rutabaga

Rutabaga can make a great side dish! For extra flavor, boil diced rutabaga and carrots, and then puree the vegetables with butter, brown sugar, and salt.

Break out the Spiralizer!

Spiralized vegetables is always an easy way to get in all of your nutrients. Like a salad, you can dress it with all of your favorite garnish and dressings. However you choose to prepare your rutabaga, make sure to incorporate it into something you’ll enjoy!


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This week, we’re bringing back a Southern classic: rendered lard! This everyday favorite fell out of popular use in substitution of butter. Despite many myths about rendered lard, it offers a great alternative that’s low in saturated fats, great for the heart, and back in fashion with the low-carb Keto diet.


Best Uses of Rendered Lard:

  • Makes the best fried chicken breading
  • Creates flakier pie crusts for a gourmet flair
  • Boosting your diet with more Vitamin D
  • Absorbs the tasty flavors of your dish
  • Eliminates the need for greasy oils and sprays
  • Clean, healthy eating that goes back centuries

One of the great things about rendered lard is that it’s environmentally friendly and lasts long in your kitchen! Bring back the tradition of bold, hearty flavors with our local availability at Farm2Counter.

Click Here for our Biscuits & Gravy Recipe

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Hey, all!

This is Sierra: writer, college student, coffee enthusiast, and new to the Farm 2 Counter family! I’m excited to adopt this blogging platform, and look forward to sharing some of our fun recipes, cooking tips, and basically everything you could ever want to know about spicing up your organic lifestyle. Some of my personal interests also include fitness and travel, and I’m a bit of a Harry Potter nerd as well. #ravenclaw 😉

So, to get started, I’m introducing my favorite kitchen tool: a spiralizer!

Spiralizing is a tasty way to eliminate calories and carbs without cutting out your favorite meals, plus it’s a creative way to enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables. Also, just a heads up, I’m no chef –but we’ll come back to that later. The point is: if I can do it, it’s pretty easy.

There’s a spiralizer for any dish. You can get a small handheld one for infrequent use, or there are electric options that do the work for you. The spiralizer featured below is electric. You feed the produce through the machine, and it creates a noodle-like texture. If you choose your spiralizer right, you can interchange the blades for clean julienne slices or restaurant-quality cuts. To a chef, a spiralizer ensures a gourmet plating style. To me, it’s a fun tool that makes healthy eating a little easier and more enjoyable 🙂


Spiralizers are great for:

  • Low-Carb Diets
  • Pasta Substitutes
  • Improving Health Value
  • Inexpensive Meals
  • Fun Plating Designs

You can check out our newest spiralizer recipe HERE! Feel free to make it your own and be creative! For any questions, pointers, or substitutions, don’t hesitate to ask! Just pop me an email at hello@farm2counter.com. See you next week!

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